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Brand: Model: 3dprinting
Use this link to Prototype Hubs for a instant quote, you can place order there too.basic rate is 3 eur setup fee, and 2 ..
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Brand: Model: project-work
Need a help with your project? We are glad to help.We perfectly understand that as a Maker you just need a subtle hint f..
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Brand: Model: lasercutter
Want something cut from on engraved on our plywood?Upload a SVG file here. (We accept bitmap files too see below)For bes..
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Brand: Model: makerspace-membership
Membership allows access to equipment and facilities in Ennis MakerspaceWe have basic subscription at 20EUR/month, If yo..
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Brand: Model: ennis-makerspace-assistance
We charge assistance fee to guests and new members of Ennis Makerspace until we feel confident about them they know what..
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