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Brand: Generic Model: 28BYJ-48
BYJ48 STEPPER MOTOR Stepper Motor is a type of electromagnetic device which moves in discrete steps. This has sever..
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Brand: Generic Model: uln2003-blue
Blue breakout board with SMD version of ULN2003A Darlington Array. Mostly used to drive 28BYJ-48 stepper motor, but its ..
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Brand: Generic Model: uln2003-green
This is original legacy driver board for 28BYJ-48 stepper motor. ULN2003 is DIP package in socket. But it will fit ma..
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Brand: Generic Model: jst-xh-socket-and-pigtail
This connector type is commonly used to connect a battery, stepper motors or endstops in 3dprinters.Offers more secure c..
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Brand: Generic Model: L9110S
1  L9110S-chip motor drive 2 Module supply voltage: 2.5-12V 3 Suitable Motor range: between motor operating volta..
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Brand: FXI Model: resistor-tht-10pack
Absolutely generic tht metal film resistor, 150 values to choose from.For now few from private collection.More on the wa..
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