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Brand: Generic Model: KJH04
KJH04-M6 pneumatic connector 3D printing remote extruder  quick plug connectorWeight: 7gProduct specificati..
Ex Tax:1.64€
Brand: Generic Model: universal-extruder-gear
Stainless Steel Universal Extruder GearOuter diameter: 12MM Inner hole: 5MM, 8MM Number of teeth: 40 teeth Thickness:..
Ex Tax:1.64€
Brand: Generic Model: SSD1306-0.96-OLED-Display
This batch came in cute plastic case ;-) Description:Monochrome 0.96"OLED Display with 128 x 64 pixels (white) Thi..
Ex Tax:5.34€
Brand: Generic Model: mosfet4-irf540
This MOSFET is said it can drive 100V / 30A DC circuit continuously and 100A peak.Wouldn't recommend running over 10A th..
Ex Tax:4.54€
Brand: Generic Model: female-header-short
1*6p/8p 2.54mm Female Single Header Connector..
Ex Tax:0.10€
Brand: Generic Model: nct-thermistor
High sensitivity and rapid responseCompact structure and easy installationWide temperature range, good stability, and hi..
Ex Tax:3.30€
Brand: Generic Model: nct-thermistor-removable
NTC 3950 thermistor This item has a 2pin JST-SM connector 150mm away from thermistor, that might help making hotend sw..
Ex Tax:4.12€
Brand: Generic Model: battery-holder-1x23A
Holder for 12V batteries like 23A MN21 MS21..
Ex Tax:0.00€
Brand: Generic Model: battery-holder-1x18650
Case for rechargeable 18650 type battery PCB friendly, DIY power supply You can use this case with your own battery to..
Ex Tax:0.66€
Brand: Generic Model: 2-relay
• Relay contact capacity 250V10A. Relay output normally open, normally closed; • active low. 5V relay signal input volt..
Ex Tax:2.89€
Brand: Generic Model: mk2a-300
Actual size: 329*329*3mm effective print size: 300*300Mointing holes 2mm off edge, countersunk.hole for thermistor in ce..
Ex Tax:29.74€
Brand: Generic Model: 28BYJ-48
BYJ48 STEPPER MOTOR Stepper Motor is a type of electromagnetic device which moves in discrete steps. This has sever..
Ex Tax:2.06€
Brand: Generic Model: battery-holder-2xAA-flat-with-knife
This battery holder features moveable part that works like on/of switch - a knife fits 2 x 1.5V AA batteries Dimension..
Ex Tax:0.51€
Brand: Generic Model: battery-holder-2xAAA-flat
2*AAA battery holder Metal material:stainless steel plated environmentally friendly nickel material wire 26AWG length ..
Ex Tax:0.51€
Brand: Generic Model: battery-holder-button-CR20
PCB friendly holder for 3V button batteries like CR2025 CR2032black polypropylene...
Ex Tax:0.66€
Brand: Generic Model: battery-holder-3x18650-series
The case for three 18650 rechargeable batteries. Internal connections put batteries in series. 15cm wire..
Ex Tax:1.02€
Brand: Generic Model: mh-logic-converter
Allows direct serial 5V and 3.3V level communication.BSS138 FET transistors with 10k pullups. Can achieve UART, IIC, 1-..
Ex Tax:1.23€
Brand: Generic Model: battery-holder-4xAA-flat
Holds four AA type batteries flat - easy to attach to PCB or chassis.With 2 wire leads   approx 14.5cmSize: Ap..
Ex Tax:0.66€
Brand: Generic Model: battery-holder-4xAA-square
Battery Case Box Fits: 4 x AA Battery(Battery is not included) Size : 57 x 31 x 30mm/2.3" x 1.2" x 1.2"(L*W*H) Cable ..
Ex Tax:1.02€
Brand: Generic Model: L293D Motor Shield
This Shield is simply plugged on an Arduino Board and allows up to 4 DC motors, 2 stepper motors or 2 servo motors to co..
Ex Tax:3.50€
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