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Exact cooler made of Aluminium for Raspberry Pi! High-quality, adhesive heat-conducting foil!..
Ex Tax:2.47€
Brand: Generic Model: high-temp-tape-1
Made of polyimide film coated with high-temperature resistant silicone. The color is brown (amber). The tape has good ad..
Ex Tax:4.45€
Brand: Generic Model: endstop-horizontal
Normally open active-high mechanical limit switch, small size, easy installation, with a trigger light. 1m cable, JST XH..
Ex Tax:3.50€
Brand: Generic Model: mosfet-HW-548
MOSFET modules, input and output is fully isolated.Triggers signal: Digital high/low level;MCU/PIC I/O port;DC power sup..
Ex Tax:2.88€
Brand: Generic Model: I2C-Display-Backpack
1. Size: 41.6mm (length) * 19.1mm (width) * 15.3mm (H) 2. Supply voltage: 2.5-6V 3.PCB Color: Black 4. Support I2C pr..
Ex Tax:2.27€
Brand: Generic Model: TinyRTC
DS1307 I2C real-time clock chip (RTC)24C32 32K I2C EEPROM memory Socket for LIR2032 rechargeable lithium battery (not i..
Ex Tax:2.07€
Brand: Generic Model: i8-mini-kb-nb-aaa
This is a 2.4GHz wireless keyboard with 92 keys and a touch pad. The touchpad has the DPI adjustable function. Mini qw..
Ex Tax:8.10€
Brand: Generic Model: ie320-fused-socket
3-pin Male Power Socket.IEC320 fits PC syyle power cords. With Fuse Holder AC250V 10A..
Ex Tax:0.83€
Brand: Generic Model: GP2Y0E03
1. Infrared LED and CMOS image sensor Built-in signal processing circuit 2. Ranging range: 4 to 50 cm 3. Voltage oper..
Ex Tax:8.25€
Brand: Generic Model: IR Distance sensor module
IR sensor module, obstacle sensor Adjustable with Poti and LM393 Operating Voltage 3.3 V - 5 V..
Ex Tax:2.47€
Brand: Generic Model: IRF520 MOS Driver
Switchable IRF520 MOSFET driver module allowing you to control higher voltage devices using a low power micro controll..
Ex Tax:2.06€
Brand: Generic Model: JSN-SR04T-3.0
The new version of SR04T recently released solves the problem of blind data jumps that version 2 suffered and improves t..
Ex Tax:10.00€
Brand: Generic Model: crimp-barrel-XH2.54-25pcs
crimp terminal suitable for use with XH2.54 style (JST orginally) connectors. Commonly used in 3d printer board to conne..
Ex Tax:1.20€
Brand: Generic Model: jst-xh-socket-and-pigtail
This connector type is commonly used to connect a battery, stepper motors or endstops in 3dprinters.Offers more secure c..
Ex Tax:0.35€
Brand: Generic
"Female to Female" Jumper Wire 10 cm long 40 wires ribbon 2.54 mm pin headers compatible..
Ex Tax:1.99€
Brand: Generic
"Female to Female" Jumper Wire 20 cm long 40 wires ribbon 2.54 mm pin headers compatible..
Ex Tax:1.99€
Brand: Generic Model: k800-magnet
Those are mainly used in Kossel, delta style 3D printers, but can be useful in other robot or machine joints that req..
Ex Tax:1.24€
Brand: Generic Model: KAN-28-1812-28A
Very handy on/off switch.With pads flat It can be soldered to PCB, or glued or screwed trough pads (or even nailed) to s..
Ex Tax:0.80€
Brand: Generic Model: KY-001
Large measuring range from -55°C to 125°C! Accurate reading of the temperature by means of 12Bit Output resolution! In..
Ex Tax:2.06€
Brand: Generic Model: KY-003
Sensor module with digital Hall Sensor 3144 Operating Voltage 5 V..
Ex Tax:2.47€
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