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Brand: Generic Model: airbrush-nozzle
Those nozzles are ideal for high detail and non-planar printingsmooth stainless steel tip used in airbrush on a brass ad..
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100K NTC 3950 Thermistor 100K NTC 3950 Thermistor
Out Of Stock
Brand: Generic Model: nct-thermistor
High sensitivity and rapid responseCompact structure and easy installationWide temperature range, good stability, and hi..
Ex Tax:3.30€
Brand: Generic Model: nct-thermistor-removable
NTC 3950 thermistor This item has a 2pin JST-SM connector 150mm away from thermistor, that might help making hotend sw..
Ex Tax:4.12€
Brand: Generic Model: hotend-heater-50W
50W heating element for 3D Printer. Fits most heat blocks. Voltage:12V/24V Power:50W Heater Head Material: 304 stai..
Ex Tax:5.00€
Brand: Generic Model: volcano-nozzle-brass
Brass nozzle for E3D volcano style hotends - a classic of high flow fast 3d printing...
Ex Tax:2.00€
Brand: Generic Model: E3D-V6-J-Head
J-Head heat sink for 3d Printer HotEndSuitable for E3D-V6 systems Long distance for bowden systems, good for both 1.75 ..
Ex Tax:5.36€
Brand: Generic Model: e3d-v6-heatblock
Model: E3D V6 Size: 20*16*12mm Suitable nozzle: M6 Screw thread..
Ex Tax:3.30€
Brand: Generic Model: e3d-v6-heatbreak
Stainless Steel Heat Break Throat for E3D V6 Hot Ends.All-Metal or  PFTE tube versionMaterial: Stainless steelRadia..
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Brand: Generic Model: e3d-v6-nozzle
This is a compatible Nozzle for the very popular hotend from E3D-Online or any other similar hotends. The nozzle are&nb..
Ex Tax:1.64€
Brand: Generic Model: e3d-v6-heatblock-pt100
Aluminium Heat Block V6 J-head RepRap Makerbot MK7 or MK8. Size:Length x width x height 16*12*20mm. Material:Alumi..
Ex Tax:3.30€
Brand: Generic Model: PT100 E3D-V6 Silicone hotend sock
High adsorption performance and stable chemical propertiesGood thermal stability, high and low temperature resistanceTou..
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Brand: Generic
This Stainless Steel MK8 Nozzle is a drop-in replacement for OEM Makerbot MK8 nozzles. Thread length is 5mm. The MK8 n..
2.02€ - 2.04€
Ex Tax:1.64€ - 1.66€
Brand: Generic
Specifications:Negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistorR @ 25: K100K-1%B25/50: K3950-1%Element: thermistor type..
4.31€ - 4.92€
Ex Tax:3.50€ - 4.00€
Brand: Generic Model: PC4-M10
PC4-M10 Pneumatic connector.Used in Bowden tube systems, particularly in E3D V6.This part goes on top of hotend heatsink..
Ex Tax:1.64€
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