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We sell Makers gear and DIY Electronics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, sensors, servos and motors, raw electronic components, and laser friendly craft plywood

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Brand: Generic Model: crimp-barrel-XH2.54-25pcs
crimp terminal suitable for use with XH2.54 style (JST orginally) connectors. Commonly used in 3d printer board to connect fans and stepper motors, an..
Ex Tax:1.20€
Brand: Generic Model: high-temp-tape-1
Made of polyimide film coated with high-temperature resistant silicone. The color is brown (amber). The tape has good adhesiveness, good applicability..
Ex Tax:4.45€
Brand: Generic
FR4 Protoboard Double Sided Universal PCB 2*8 cmThis double-sided universal PCB is made from fiberglass material making it more durable compared t..
0.49€ - 3.69€
Ex Tax:0.40€ - 3.00€
Brand: Generic
Available in Green or Blue.HD44780 1602A Blue/ Yellow-Green LCD Display Logic working voltage (Vdd): +4.8~+5.2V LCD drive voltage (Vdd-Vo): +3.0~ +5..
Ex Tax:4.95€
Brand: Betulla
A sheet of 3mm birch plywood, A4 size 297x210mm.suitable for laser cutting, pyrography, model making and general crafting.Class 2 - Plywood has g..
2.03€ - 2.54€
Ex Tax:1.65€ - 2.07€
Brand: Betulla
A sheet of 3mm birch plywood, A3 420x297mm.suitable for laser cutting, pyrography, model making and general crafting.Class 2 - Plywood has ground..
4.08€ - 5.12€
Ex Tax:3.31€ - 4.17€
Brand: Generic
26 AWG UL1007 Electronic Wire 26awg PVC Electronic Cable Tinned copper OD 1.3mm #26 Name: UL1007 26AWG Electrical Wire Conductor: 7*0.16TS (Tinned..
Ex Tax:0.25€
basswood plywood 300x200x1.5mm basswood plywood 300x200x1.5mm
Out Of Stock
Brand: Generic Model: lime-ply-1.5-300x200
Incredibly light (52 grams) yet surprisingly stiff.This plywood comes from Asia.We can get sheets up to 450x450mmPlease consider this a sample batch...
Ex Tax:1.64€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: UNO R3 with USB cable
The right Board for all - no matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, with simple programming via a USB cable and the solderless plug-in p..
Ex Tax:5.08€
Brand: Generic Model: Prototype Shield for UNO r3
Thanks to the Shield design is just placed on the Arduino UNO R3 and all the clones! Easy wiring projects directly to the Arduino thanks to the inclu..
Ex Tax:2.47€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: Nano V3 Ch340 not soldered
Nano V3, Mega328P,  CH340G USB, Arduino Compatible, Arduino Nano clone Board incl. Pin bars - Ideal for mobile projectsStart with this price ..
Ex Tax:3.71€
Brand: Cytron Model: Maker-pHat
Raspberry Pi aims to bring the power of computing and digital making to the masses. It is being used by many educators, makers, and also engineers. ..
Ex Tax:9.09€