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Brand: Generic Model: uln2003-green
This is original legacy driver board for 28BYJ-48 stepper motor. ULN2003 is DIP package in socket. But it will fit ma..
Ex Tax:1.60€
Brand: Generic Model: GY-21
Gy-21 is a reliable and durable module for determining temperature and humidity. Thanks to the I2C interface, the sensor..
Ex Tax:5.50€
Brand: Generic Model: gy-271
This GY-271 is ideal for use as an ultra-light digital compass module.On this handy breakout board with convenient I2C i..
Ex Tax:4.70€
Brand: Generic Model: GY-291
The ADXL345 accelerometer is a small and efficient sensor with a high resolution (13-bit) that can measure an accelera..
Ex Tax:3.50€
Brand: Generic Model: GY-302
Our GY-302 module is equipped with the BH1750 light sensor. It has a very large measuring range and, thanks to free libr..
Ex Tax:2.47€
Brand: Generic Model: GY-346
Younger brother of ADXL345, offers more bandwidth, bigger FIFO, less power consumption and some additional features most..
Ex Tax:4.10€
Brand: Generic Model: GY-521
The compact GY-521 module is based on the MPU-6050 NEMS Chip, and combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer..
Ex Tax:3.20€
Brand: Generic Model: GY-530
The VL53L0X extends the ToF ranging length to two meters with an accuracy of ± 3%. Measurement speed faster than the..
Ex Tax:4.55€
Brand: Generic Model: BMP280
BMP280 Barometer / air pressure Sensor, Very precise module to measure air pressure, which is ideal to Determine the tem..
Ex Tax:4.12€
Brand: Generic Model: GY-GPS6MV2
GY-GPS6MV2 features the u-blox NEO-6M GPS module with antenna and built-in EEPROM. This is compatible with various fligh..
Ex Tax:8.50€
Brand: Generic Model: HC-SR04
HC-SR04 ultrasonic Sensor Working voltage: DC3-5.5VQuiescent current: less than 2mASensing angle: not more than 15 d..
Ex Tax:2.06€
Brand: Generic Model: HC-SR501
Product Parameters Working voltage: DC4.5~20V Trigger mode: L non-repeatable trigger / H repeat trigger (default repea..
Ex Tax:2.60€
Brand: Generic Model: HD44780 12864 LCD Display
Available in Green or Blue.The 12864B module has an internal boost circuit that supports 3V to 5.5V. The default 4.5V vo..
Ex Tax:7.43€
Brand: Generic
Available in Green or Blue.HD44780 1602A Blue/ Yellow-Green LCD Display Logic working voltage (Vdd): +4.8~+5.2V LCD dr..
Ex Tax:4.95€
Brand: Generic
Available in Green or Blue.This 20x4 LCD module with a built-in HD44780 Controller allows for the display of 20x4 charac..
Ex Tax:8.00€
Brand: Generic Model: heat-nut-m3x4.55x3.85
SIZE - M3: Height (mm): 3.85 (SHORTER), Insert hole (mm): 4.0, a total of 50 pieces. Made of high quality brass, cor..
Ex Tax:5.50€
Brand: Generic Model: heat-nut-m3x4.55x5.74
SIZE - M3: Height (mm): 5.75, Insert hole (mm): 4.0, a total of 50 pieces. Made of high quality brass, corrosion-res..
Ex Tax:5.50€
Brand: Generic Model: mk3-214
Aluminum Heated Bed 12/24V Hot Bed Platform Hot Plate for MK3 214x214x3mm 3mm dia,3mm dia,3mm Mounting holes just 1mm of..
Ex Tax:13.62€
Brand: Generic Model: mk3-220
3D heated table PCB MKS MK3-220 optimized heat bed MK2B Aluminum 220*220*3mm 110CRounded corners, and TWO TREES logo in ..
Ex Tax:17.33€
Brand: Generic Model: mk3-250
MK3 250x250x3.0mm large area printing size 12/24V double voltage heating hot bed heated bed plate for RepRap 3D printerS..
Ex Tax:20.64€
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