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3D Printer

3D Printer
Selection of spare parts for DIY 3D Printer.
Most of those part will fit or work as an upgrade for most popular 3D printers like Creality or other Prusa clones,
Brand: Generic Model: endstop-horizontal
Normally open active-high mechanical limit switch, small size, easy installation, with a trigger light. 1m cable, JST XH..
Ex Tax:3.50€
Brand: Generic Model: k800-magnet
Those are mainly used in Kossel, delta style 3D printers, but can be useful in other robot or machine joints that req..
Ex Tax:1.24€
Brand: Generic Model: RAMPS LCD12864
This full graphic smart controller contains a SD-Card reader, an rotary encoder and a 128 x 64 dot matrix LCD display...
Ex Tax:11.15€
Brand: Generic
This Stainless Steel MK8 Nozzle is a drop-in replacement for OEM Makerbot MK8 nozzles. Thread length is 5mm. The MK8 n..
Ex Tax:1.64€
Brand: Generic Model: mk7-extruder-gear
Inner diameter: 5mm Outer diameter: 12mm Extrusion scalloped diameter: 10mm Height: 12mm..
Ex Tax:2.07€
Brand: Generic
Specifications:Negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistorR @ 25: K100K-1%B25/50: K3950-1%Element: thermistor type..
4.31€ - 4.92€
Ex Tax:3.50€ - 4.00€
Brand: Generic Model: flex-coupler-5x8-clamping
Different clamping construction allows more contact area between coupler and shaft, allowing better grip and more torque..
Ex Tax:3.00€
Brand: Generic Model: endstop-optical
Optical endstop providing a contactless and reliable alternative to the mechanical one. Although it is primarily intende..
Ex Tax:2.88€
Brand: Generic Model: PC4-M10
PC4-M10 Pneumatic connector.Used in Bowden tube systems, particularly in E3D V6.This part goes on top of hotend heatsink..
Ex Tax:1.64€
Brand: Generic Model: PC4-tube-connector
Pneumatic Connector, for 3d printer 1.75 filament Bowden tube systems.This connector is usually for extruder part.For&nb..
Ex Tax:1.64€
Brand: Generic Model: PTFE-2x4-T
Material: Teflon Working temperature:-190 C to 280 Cdimensions: 2mm ID, 4mm OD Price per meter..
5.66€ - 6.15€
Ex Tax:4.60€ - 5.00€
Brand: BigTreeTech Model: RAMPS 1.6
 The controller board can be used when the pins on the back of the board are connected to the Arduino Mega and the ..
Ex Tax:16.44€
Brand: Generic Model: endstop-ramps
Classic MakerBot design, referred as RAMPS Endstop due to Dupont connector on the far side of the cable. Board Size: Ap..
Ex Tax:2.47€
Brand: Generic
Those are used to connect shaft or lead screw to stepper motor. Mostly used in 3dprinters and CNC. This coupler is rigid..
Ex Tax:2.00€
SKR V1.3 SKR V1.3
Out Of Stock
Brand: BigTreeTech Model: SKR-1.3
Brand Name: BIGTREETECHModel Number: SKR V1.3Product Name: BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3Material: 4-layer PCB..
Ex Tax:24.38€
Brand: Generic Model: stepper cable
A cable that connects NEMA-17 stepper motor with your board. versions with Du-Pont header or JST connector...
Ex Tax:1.65€
Brand: Generic Model: K800-ball
Those are mainly used in Kossel, delta style 3D printers,but can be useful in other robot or machine joints that require..
Ex Tax:0.50€
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