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Makerspace Memebership

Makerspace Memebership
Makerspace Memebership
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Membership allows access to equipment and facilities in Ennis Makerspace

We have basic subscription at 20EUR/month,
If you use the space a lot you are encouraged to pay more, basically what you feel the facilities are worth to you.

Money from subscriptions is used entirely for the benefit of the Maker Space to pay it’s basic monthly costs and invest in tools and consumables for the members of the Maker Space.

Advantages of Membership include:

  • Access to the Maker Space workshop at least 4 nights a week
  • Use of the Maker Space tools & equipment and facilities
  • Internet access
  • Use of shared components, consumables and donated items
  • Discounts on Events & Workshops
  • A vote on purchases of new equipment

If you’re still not sure you want to become a member then you are still welcome to join us at our Open Sessions.

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