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Brand: TENSTAR Model: KF301
KF301-2P 2-Pin Terminal ConnectorPitch: 5.08mm Rated Voltage: 300V AC Rated Current: 16A Withstanding Vol..
Ex Tax:0.41€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: 40pin-header
40 Pin 2.54mm Single Row breakable male Pin Header Strip , Cable - PCB Board connector For  DIY electronics or ..
Ex Tax:0.21€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: Digispark
Simple programming through the support of the Arduino IDE! No wiring necessary because the built-in USB interface! Tha..
Ex Tax:3.31€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: DC-005
High quality DC-005 5.5mmx2.1mm DC power connector, female, panel mount, black..
Ex Tax:0.70€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: GY-521
The compact GY-521 module is based on the MPU-6050 NEMS Chip, and combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer..
Ex Tax:2.88€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: GY-BME280
Are you looking for a small, accurate and power-saving Sensor for temperature, humidity and air pressure for the impleme..
Ex Tax:4.94€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: TXS0108E
TXB0108 bi-directional level converter.This chip perform bidirectional level shifting from pretty much any voltage to an..
Ex Tax:2.06€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: MAX7219 4x64
4 LED Matrix Displays, on a circuit Board The 64 (8x8) LEDs Control of all LEDs via a single data cable LED matrices ..
Ex Tax:7.02€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: MAX7219 8x8
LED Matrix Display With 64 (8x8) LEDs Control of all LEDs via a single data cable LED matrices to form a composite sw..
Ex Tax:4.11€
MEGA2560 R3 Black microUSB TENSTAR, with cable MEGA2560 R3 Black microUSB TENSTAR, with cable
Out Of Stock
Brand: TENSTAR Model: tenstar Mega2560
micro USB Use in large projects is possible thanks to 54 digital inputs/outputs and an additional 16 analog inputs! Gig..
Ex Tax:11.98€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: Nano V3 Ch340 not soldered
Nano V3, Mega328P,  CH340G USB, Arduino Compatible, Arduino Nano clone Board incl. Pin bars - Ideal for mobile proj..
Ex Tax:3.71€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: d1-mini-prototyping-shield
Prototyping shield is designed for use with the WeMos D1 mini and mini Pro development boards. It allows you to crea..
Ex Tax:1.64€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: rgb-led-ring-ws2812-16led-45mm
Outside dia: 45mm16 RGB LEDsNeoPixel Ring..
Ex Tax:6.19€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: MG996R
This High-Torque MG996R Digital Servo features metal gearing resulting in extra high 10kg stalling torque in a tiny ..
Ex Tax:6.61€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: SIM800L
SIM 800L is a Mini-GSM module, the 2G GSM - and GPRS-data. Now with things mobile Sim card in the Bundle. The module has..
Ex Tax:4.95€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: UNO R3 with USB cable
The right Board for all - no matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, with simple programming via a USB cabl..
Ex Tax:5.08€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: U-64-LED-Panel
64 programmable WS2812 LEDs – no need for a separate LED driver is required! Dimensions (LxWxH): 65 x 65 x 3 mm Contro..
Ex Tax:9.91€
Brand: TENSTAR Model: WS2812 8 LED Stick
8 programmable WS2812 LEDs – no need for a separate LED driver is required! Dimensions (LxWxH): 50 x 10 x 3 mm Control..
Ex Tax:5.74€
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