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Brand: Generic Model: mk2a-300
Actual size: 329*329*3mm effective print size: 300*300Mointing holes 2mm off edge, countersunk.hole for thermistor in ce..
Ex Tax:29.74€
Brand: Generic Model: mk3-214
Aluminum Heated Bed 12/24V Hot Bed Platform Hot Plate for MK3 214x214x3mm 3mm dia,3mm dia,3mm Mounting holes just 1mm of..
Ex Tax:13.62€
Brand: Generic Model: mk3-220
3D heated table PCB MKS MK3-220 optimized heat bed MK2B Aluminum 220*220*3mm 110CRounded corners, and TWO TREES logo in ..
Ex Tax:17.33€
Brand: Generic Model: mk3-250
MK3 250x250x3.0mm large area printing size 12/24V double voltage heating hot bed heated bed plate for RepRap 3D printerS..
Ex Tax:20.64€
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