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Power modules and converters

Brand: Generic Model: mini-360
Mini-360 Model Aircraft DC-DC Step-Down Power Supply Module Better Than LM25 Feature: 1. With an integrated power indu..
Ex Tax:2.06€
Brand: Generic Model: MP1584EN
This DC-DC step down module is based on MP1584EN chip, this is capable of driving a 3 A load and converts input voltag..
Ex Tax:2.00€
Brand: AZ-Delivery Model: mt3608
You want to supply your 5V-powered Controller mobile, for example, with a 3.7 V rechargeable Lithium battery? No Problem..
Ex Tax:2.64€
Brand: Generic Model: xy-mos
This Power Mosfet driver use two MOSFETs in parallel and can handle currents up to 15A (25A with cooling). This module i..
Ex Tax:2.47€
Brand: Generic Model: pwm-controller-for-dc-motor
Operating voltage: DC4.5V-35V Output current: 0-5A PWM duty cycle: 1% -100% Output power: 90W (max) Quiescent curren..
Ex Tax:5.36€
Brand: Generic Model: TP4056 Mini
Charge controller for Li-Ion battery with Mini-USB interface. For single cell Li-Ion batteries without protection circui..
Ex Tax:1.64€
Brand: Generic Model: UNL28003-breakout
This chip have 8 channelslet you drive two 28BYJ stepper motors.Voltage Output: 50V, Rated Collector Current:500mA Boar..
Ex Tax:2.80€
Brand: Generic Model: Charger Doc
USB Charger Doctor can measure power line in USB bus to test USB-powered devices Easy to use and way more practical, co..
Ex Tax:2.47€
Brand: Generic Model: XH-M229
This  Cool  Breakout  Board  turns  any  computer  ATX  Power  Supply ..
Ex Tax:6.50€
Brand: Generic Model: XL4015-CC
Input voltage: 4-38V Output voltage: 1.25-36V continuously adjustable Output current: adjustable, maximum 5A Output P..
Ex Tax:3.30€
Brand: Generic Model: XL4015
Input voltage: 4-38V (Please try not to exceed 38V) Output voltage: 1.25-36V continuously adjustable Output current: 0..
Ex Tax:2.06€
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