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Brand: Generic Model: mosfet4-irf540
This MOSFET is said it can drive 100V / 30A DC circuit continuously and 100A peak.Wouldn't recommend running over 10A th..
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Brand: Generic Model: mosfet-HW-548
MOSFET modules, input and output is fully isolated.Triggers signal: Digital high/low level;MCU/PIC I/O port;DC power sup..
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IRF520 MOS Driver Module 0-24V 5A IRF520 MOS Driver Module 0-24V 5A
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Brand: Generic Model: IRF520 MOS Driver
Switchable IRF520 MOSFET driver module allowing you to control higher voltage devices using a low power micro controll..
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Brand: Generic Model: xy-mos
This Power Mosfet driver use two MOSFETs in parallel and can handle currents up to 15A (25A with cooling). This module i..
Ex Tax:2.60€
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