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Brand: Generic Model: B3F4055
12*12*7.3mm Push Button Momentary Switchblack plunger with square head (for a cap),..
Ex Tax:0.35€
Brand: Generic Model: KCD2-203
Dual speed or forward/reverse Rocker Switch  Poles: DPDT  Terminals: 6 Pin (On-Off-On)  Rated at:&n..
Ex Tax:1.00€
Brand: Generic
Cap for 12mm tactile switch button: red, green, blue, yellow,white and black..
Ex Tax:0.20€
Brand: Generic
DIP Switch Slide Type Red 2.54mm Pitch 2 Row toggle DIP switches 1p 2p 3p 4p 5p 6p 8p 10pProduct name: Dip switch;Type: ..
0.49€ - 1.23€
Ex Tax:0.40€ - 1.00€
Brand: Generic Model: EC11
Bare EC11 rotary encoder for mounting on PCBwith switch..
Ex Tax:1.50€
Brand: Generic Model: KAN-28-1812-28A
Very handy on/off switch.With pads flat It can be soldered to PCB, or glued or screwed trough pads (or even nailed) to s..
Ex Tax:0.80€
Brand: Generic Model: kcd4-on-off-with-light
Generic KCD4 rocker switch with neon light (lights up for 230V AC)Light color: Red, Yellow, GreenRated voltage: AC16A 25..
Ex Tax:1.50€
Brand: Generic
On-Off push button, with mechanism like in retractable pen, similarly clicky feel and sound when usedColors: Yellow, Red..
Ex Tax:1.30€
Brand: Generic Model: SS-12F15
Nice switch when you need to take control of low-power device to outside of chassis.mounting holes for m2 screw,15mm apa..
Ex Tax:0.40€
Brand: Generic Model: SS12D00G3
Ideal for project made on breadboards and universal PCBs. Working Power : 0.5A 50V DC;Contact Resistance : 30m¦¸ Max;In..
Ex Tax:0.50€
Brand: Generic Model: 12mm-button-box25
12x12x7.3 mm Push Button Momentary Switch Blue Black Yellow Red and White caps, 5 of each..
Ex Tax:7.00€
Brand: Generic
Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, White, Black, Green Panel hole diameter: 11.25mm Overall dimensions: 21 x 18mm (H x D) Common..
1.48€ - 1.60€
Ex Tax:1.20€ - 1.30€
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