Motion Detector Module
Motion Detector Module
Motion Detector Module
Motion Detector Module
Motion Detector ModuleMotion Detector ModuleMotion Detector ModuleMotion Detector Module

Product Parameters
Working voltage: DC4.5~20V
Trigger mode: L non-repeatable trigger / H repeat trigger (default repeat trigger)
Delay time: 0.5~200S
Blocking time: default 3~4S
Product size: 32mm*24mm
Quiescent current: <50uA
Level output: high 3.3V / low 0V
Induction angle: <100° cone angle
Working temperature: -15~70 °C
Lens size: 23MM
Instructions For Use
1. After the module is powered on, there is an initialization time of about one minute. At this time, the module will output 0~3 times at intervals, and enter the standby state after one minute.
2. Try to avoid the interference of the light source and other sources directly on the surface of the module, so as to avoid the introduction of interference signals and malfunction.  Avoid the wind, the wind will also interfere with the sensor,
3. The sensing module uses a dual-element probe, the window of the probe is rectangular, and the dual-element (A-B element) is located at both ends in the longer direction when the human body is from left to right.
Or when going from right to left, the infrared spectrum reaches the binary time and the distance has a difference. The larger the difference, the more sensitive the induction is. When the human body moves from the front to the probe or from top to bottom or from bottom to top,  The binary check does not change the infrared spectral distance, there is no difference, so the induction is not sensitive or does not work, so the sensor should be installed so that the direction of the probe dual is as parallel as possible in the direction of the human body.  Ensure that the human body is inductively detected by the probe.

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Motion Detector Module

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