Mini-360 DC-DC Step-Down module
Mini-360 DC-DC Step-Down module
Mini-360 DC-DC Step-Down moduleMini-360 DC-DC Step-Down module
    Mini-360 Model Aircraft DC-DC Step-Down Power Supply Module Better Than LM25
    1. With an integrated power inductor and a synchronous rectifier control chip, the volume is smaller and the efficiency is higher.
    2. Applications: DIY Mobile Power Supply, Vehicle Power Supply, Communication Equipment Power Supply, Various occasions with stringent requirements on volume and weight (such as aviation model, etc.)

    Model Name: Mini360 (Ultra Small Volume DC-DC Synchronous Rectifier and Voltage Reduction Module)
    Modular Properties: Non-Isolated Decompression
    Rectification mode: synchronous rectification
    Input voltage: 4.75V-23V
    Output voltage: 1.0V-17V
    Output Current: Crest Value: 3A, Long Time 1.8A
    Conversion efficiency: 96% (highest)
    Switching frequency: 340KHz
    Output ripple: 30mV (no load)
    Load adjustment rate: ±0.5%
    Voltage adjustment rate: ±2.5%
    Working Temperature: - 40 to + 85℃
    Product size: 17*11*3.8mm/0.66*0.43*0.14''
    Packing weight: 4g

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    Mini-360 DC-DC Step-Down module

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