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The Breakout module for your playful Arduino project:
with our Joystick, you can make the simple 2-axes-control in your project.The 2-axis Joystick can be installed for your application easily, because its size is 4 x 2.6 x 3.2 cm and are ideal for a comfortable feeling when Use.
The Joystick has a button with a pleasant pressure point and provides more options in programming and use.
Of course, the Joystick remains in the case of Non-use in the middle position, and does not wear out even with intensive use.
The two axes can be adjusted to taste with the 2 potentiometers.
The terminals +5Vcc, GND, VRx, VRy, and SW transfer signals and power.
In the package with the Breakout module and the typical Joystick cover (see product photos).

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    KY-023 Joystick Module

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